Reciprocal Energy Fitness by Skip Hicks      Milpitas
Waistline Reduction Health Movement
and the
AB-Attack Challenge
Text: "(Your Name) AB-Attack Info" to 408 413 9630
Get over the Bad Bothersome Belly Blues. Let's
get moving.  It's time to pay our dues
. This is for
women, men, the young and the old. Skip Hicks and
Reciprocal Energy Fitness are going to show you how to
Rock and Hold!

Register to become part of a mass fitness movement where
participants will motivate and inspire each other.  Our final
goal is a smaller but stronger abdominal area.

This is a 28-day challenge which requires a daily
commitment to perform and report your completion of at
least one minute of abdominal exercise.

Media recognition will be given for noteworthy efforts and
results. Motivational messages, status reports, and the Rock
and Hold video will be sent to your smart phone.

There will be an in-house registration event at Reciprocal
Energy Fitness on Monday, June 2, 2014. You can also
register electronically by texting: "(Your Name) RockMyAbs"
to 408 413 9630.

Tell all of your friends, family, and associates.  This is a
FREE Wide Area Network health and fitness event. It does
not matter what United States city or state you happen to be
in. Anyone 18 years or older can participate.

Text messaging capability required.  One should consult
their physician before starting any new exercise program.